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Marianna Balampama

country director

Kelly Herman

program officer

Pact’s work in Tanzania focuses on improving the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, especially those affected by HIV and AIDS. With our unique integrated approach, our efforts are also strengthening families and local economies, institutions and organizations – impacts that will benefit Tanzania for generations to come.

Because the majority of Tanzania’s vulnerable children live in female-headed households, Pact employs our award-winning WORTH model, in which small groups of women save together and make low-interest loans to one another that help them launch or expand small businesses. With increased income – plus business and other training provided by Pact – women are better able to care for their children.

Pact is also improving access to health and HIV services for children and adolescents. We’ve built the capacity of local authorities and community organizations to manage services for vulnerable children and helped launch trained vulnerable-children committees and district child protection teams. 

In Tanzania's Songwe region, where poor hygiene and child malnutrition are especially rampant, Pact is working to reduce childhood stunting by addressing root causes. 

Pact also works with artisanal and small-scale gemstone miners in Tanzania, helping them to do their jobs more safely and to gain critical knowledge about rough gems that is empowering them to improve their position in the supply chain and their economic development opportunities.

Pact also has carried out substantial work to improve governance in Tanzania, empowering citizens and civil society organizations to work with political representatives toward transparency and accountability at the local and national levels. 

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